Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unsolved mystery ... solved

Here is the picture of the piece of glass that has been in my knee for 9 years. The doctors were shocked it was so big, and how it could stay in my knee without getting infected or causing too much damage. The recovery is going really well - off pain meds after 3 days, and walking without crutches 5 days after surgery.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Here are some pics of our little guy. He is growing up so quickly ... it is hard to believe. He is so happy and such a great baby - we could not be more blessed.

Knee surgery

As most of you know, I had knee surgery 9 years ago when I lived in Kiev, Ukraine. I slipped on the ice, sliced my tendon, and had it sewn up. My knee has hurt on/off over the last 9 years, especially when playing sports or other serious activities. In August, the pain became pretty severe, and I had an X-ray and MRI done, and the doctors realized that there was something still in my knee, a foreign object that the Ukrainian doctors left in there.

I had surgery Friday morning, had great nurses and doctors, and as it turns out, there was a large piece of glass in knee. It is about the size of a guitar pick, and is clearly from a beer bottle that I must have landed on. This experience was considerably different than the surgery 9 years ago: 1) I had a gown to cover myself, 2) I had general anesthesia and was asleep, 3) doctors who were trained, 4) clean instruments and a room to myself, 5) I actually understood what they were saying!

Needless to say, the surgery went really well and I am recovering. I am going to take it easy for the next few days, but should be walking without crutches in a week or something. Hopefully my knee is all better from here on out. Enjoy the pics:

Weekend trip to LA

Emily Bobby and I flew to LA for a weekend retreat with Boston Consulting Group. We stayed at La Terranea Resort on the ocean, and had an amazing weekend. We had a suite that overlooked the ocean, and woke up Saturday morning and saw whales and dolphins swimming. Em and I went coastal fishing, and she caught the most of anyone else on the boat (out of like 40+ people). She caught 2 large red snappers and a smaller fish. I was only able to catch one red snapper - so it is clear that she is the one who brings home the bacon ... er fillet.

We had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed a great weekend!