Friday, August 14, 2009

Scout Camp

We had Scout Camp this week. We met at 6 AM Monday morning, and drove to Camp. We stayed about 2 hours away, in upstate NY. It was a really nice camp, with great facilities. We had 4 boys, another leader and his son, and myself.

Regrettably, I was only able to stay until Wednesday night, since I had to get back to work. The first night the boys were a little out of their element. They were scared about the spiders and the other bugs in their tents. But after that first night, they were doing great and completely used to the camping.

They were involved in Archery, Wood Carving, Leatherwork, Wood carving, swimming, canoeing, and rowing. The food was ... decent at best, but that makes for good memories and stories. There were 6 other stakes there from the NY area, and we had about 200 boys at camp, about 35 from Queens.

We have such good boys. They are all awesome and I was so happy they were there. We had a great time. Thanks Kevin for going up on Wed to take my place.

Chicago & Nauvoo

We decided to take a few days off of work and go to Chicago. We met Rob's mom/dad there. They were chosen to participate in this Option Trading TV show (Options Cocktail). We had one of the best Hotels overlooking downtown Chicago, the CBOT, the Sears (Willis) Tower, and Lake Michigan. We had so much fun spending out time in Chicago.

We went to the top of the Sears tower. They had just finished putting in these glass panels that allow you to walk 110 stories in the air, with just glass above you and on the sides. It is a little scary, but a really cool experience.

We went to dinner at this nice restaurant - the Italian Villiage, right across the street from where dad used to work 40 years ago.

We then drove down to Nauvoo, and met Jeff/Sandy and their family. We were able to see all of the sites, do a temple session, and just had so much fun. Nauvoo is a great place, and it was such a fun vacation.

And of course, on the way there and the way back, we had to stop and get a bite to eat at Stake'N'Shake. It was so good! We love Chicago and the midwest. It was so fun and such a great time.