Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jensens & Bentleys

So this past week, we had a wonderful treat. My sisters Susie and Tanya came out to visit us for the week with their husbands Mike and Bryce. We had an absolute ball. It was so much and I think my sides are still hurting from all the laughing we did. It was a little exciting - squeezing all 6 of us into our small 1 bedroom apartment and the 1 bathroom. Giddy-up.

It was a blast going to all of the NYC sites (including the top of the Rockefeller Center - our first time). Chinatown was an absolute hoot (all 4 times.) And my personal favorite - I finally made it up to Tom's Restaurant - where they filmed Seinfeld. It was awesome.

Thanks for a great weekend Tans, Sus, MJ, and Bryce. You are welcome anytime - we had so much fun.

Laura & Jenny

So Emily's 2 best girl friends from high school came to NYC to visit - Jenny & Laura. It was a week full of fun and partying. It was so much fun to have them out here, and we hope they come again. I think Emily is still trying to catch up on her lost sleep from the late night partying on the town. Em is lucky to have such a fun and cool co-worker Shivna who showed them all the coolest NYC clubs and night life.