Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grandma Dear's 100th birthday

We went back to Provo for the 1st time since graduating in 2007. It was great being back there - we love BYU and Utah! Amazing weather and great times with the family.

We were celebrating my Grandma Dear's 100th birthday party ... and we partied all right. Happy Birthday Grandma!

Some highlights:
1) Walking/driving around campus (lots of new buildings/construction)
2) J-Dawgs
3) Brick Oven Pizza
4) Mafia at Bob/Jean's house
5) Seeing Krista's remodeled house (Grandma's old house)
6) Seeing and catching up with the family

Russ Thornock family without the Jensen clan

Rob Thornock family

Dear and her 3 sons: Bob, Russ, and Scott

Dear & 3 sons and spouses

Cousin picture

Grandma Dear