Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good-bye New York

It has been an amazing 27 months in New York. We have loved every minute of being in NYC and have had so many fun experiences. We are now packing up our apartment and getting ready to move out.

We have a busy time ahead of us - but we are excited for each adventure.

Wed, Mar 24 - This is Emily's last day at Edelman Public Relations. She is sad to be leaving a great company and all of her friends there.
Fri, Mar 26 - Rob's last day at Goldman Sachs. He has really enjoyed his job, co-workers, and anxiously looks forward to Wharton/UPenn.
Mon, Mar 29 - we are packing up our apartment into a U-haul.
Tues, Mar 30 - Driving down to Philly to put our stuff in a storage unit until August
Wed, Mar 31 - We are flying to Istanbul, Turkey.
Sat, April 3 - We fly from Istanbul to Egypt and begin an 8-day Egypt tour & Nile River Cruise
Sat, April 10 - We fly from Egypt to Israel and being an 8-day Israel tour to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernum, and Tel Aviv.
Sun, April 18 - we fly back to the US to Denver, to spend some time with my 2 brothers and their families.
Thur, April 22 - we fly from Denver to AZ - to spend some time with my family
Mon, April 26 - we fly to Maui, Hawaii to meet Emily's parents and stay with them in their time share (thanks B&C).
Wed, May 5 - we fly from Hawaii back to AZ to spend a few more days with family.
Sun, May 9 - we fly to Philadelphia to start UPenn on Monday, May 10.
Fri, June 4 - Fly to Moscow, Russia for 2 months as part of my International Studies program at UPenn.

We promise to blog some pictures of stories, but not sure when that will be!

Mike, Susie, and Ashlyn

My sister Susie, her husband Mike, and their 13-year old daughter Ashlyn came out to visit NYC. Although the weather was a little less than ideal, we didn't let it rain on our parade.

We had so much fun with them visiting. I dont know if we laughed so hard at the Met Museum, eating at Lombardi's, relaxing at Room Service, enjoying the performance at Stardust Diner, or trying to battle the tornado/wind from the subway to our apartment.

We had an absolute blast, and hope that they come and visit us in Philly! It is only a 2 hour bus ride from NYC - and Philly has a Chinatown! Giddy-up!

St Patrick's Day - Riverdance

Since we dont drink - what is the next bext thing to do on St. Patrick's Day? That's right, head off to Radio City Music Hall and watch a little Riverdance to really get into the Irish mood.

The show was absolutely amazing!!! We really loved it. I guess all those years on the BYU folk dance team paid off - Emily kept having to restrain me from running out on stage and joining them. We absolutely loved the show and had a great time. Happy St. Patty's Day!

And did you know that pinching people for not wearing green on St. Pat's is completely foreign to New Yorkers & East Coasters? I was yapping about it all day at work, and no one had ever heard of it. I still did it anyway though!

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

This past Saturday our ward & Scouts had our first Pinewood Derby. We only have 2 Cub Scouts, and since our Boy Scouts never had the opportunity to do one when they were younger, we invited them. But to add to the fun - we invited the entire ward. Overall we had 18 cars submitted - and it was an awesome time.

Ironically, the only Cub Scout racing actually won the whole thing. 2 of the other boy scouts ended in the top 4. It was a great event.

I think mine came in at a miserable 14th place - but it was more about the experience. My car design was actually an MTA bus! I must have carved a local bus instead of an express - my bad! Check out some of the pictures below:

Bob & Carol Visiting

Bob & Carol came to visit NYC one last time. We had a great time and are so glad they were able to come out on such short notice. Some of the highlights of their stay:

* Eating at Junior's
* Eating at Lombardi's
* Eating at Stage Deli
* Statue of Liberty - although we have done this before, Emily and I were able to climb all the way to the crown for thhe first time together. The weather was amazing and it was awesome.
* Billy Eliot - we really enjoyed this musical. The music was amazing, dancing was great and the play was really well done.