Thursday, February 24, 2011

Adirondacks Ice Climbing

At Wharton, you have the opportunity to participate in a Leadership Venture. You go outdoors and camping in the extreme circumstances, to see what kind of a leader you are under stress, etc. The Ventures go to Antarctica, Patagonia, Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi, Quantico (US Marine Corps), and Adirondacks Ice Climbing.

I was able to go this past weekend ice climbing. It was cool to be by Lake Placid and to see the old Olympic sites. First of all, this is probably the craziest sport ever. You have to completely insane to want to do this. It was absolutely amazing. Despite being extremely cold (it was 7 degrees both Sat and Sun -- it snowed all day Sat and we were in the middle of a squall.) I absolutely loved it. Enjoy the pics below.

What is ... Jeopardy

So Em and I have a new game that we play almost every night. We record Jeopardy that day, and then we compete to see who can answer the most correct. She normally dominates me, but it is fun anyway. I think that I could beat the IBM computer (Watson). Our favorite has been the Teen Jeopardy championship (finally some questions we can answer!) Bobby normally plays on my team - boys vs. girls.

Weekend in Dallas

We are flying to Dallas for the weekend (Fri-Sun Feb 25-27) for the BCG offeree weekend. It will be good for Emily to go to Texas for the first time, check out Dallas, etc. It should be pretty fun - we are going to a Dallas Stars hockey game, Skeet shooting, among other fun activities. Should be fun!

Delta Pricing Error

So there is this myth that every once in a while airlines will make pricing mistakes. I have heard of this happening, but never personally been the beneficiary of such an error ... until now.

Delta was pricing round trip flights from Philly to Europe in April for $50 (excluding taxes). Naturally we jumped all over this, and booked a week vacation to Paris and London on Tues Mar 29 - Mon April 4. It is amazing paying $300 for two people, round trip to Paris! It is going to be a great vacation!!!! Hopefully Delta has more slip-ups soon.

Bobby Jan and Feb 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Incredible India

So, the best part about an MBA is that you never really have to study, you just shmooze, party, and travel. A cool thing about Wharton is that students run and organize a trek to their native countries. For Spring Break, March 4-13, one of the treks is going to India. Since Emily and I have always wanted to go to India, we felt this would be a great opportunity to do just that! I mean, we loved Slumdog Millionaire, so why not do the Bhangra in India!

Now, you may be wondering - is it really safe to take Bobby to India? Probably not, and that is why Bobby is so lucky to have amazing grandparents who are willing to fly all the way from San Francisco to spend time with their favorite grandchild! I think it is going to be really hard to be away from Bobby, but we are excited for this trip nonetheless. You have to cut the apron's strings sometime.

Our trip begins in Delhi, then we go to Jaipur (the Pink City), then on to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and we complete our trip in Mumbai. We are really excited! Thanks Bob/Carol for coming out to watch Bobby!

India - here we come! And yes, we will be riding elephants...

Play time with Daddy!

Click on the link above to see Bobby's crazy dance moves!

Bobby Giggling

Click on the link above to see Bobby laughing!

Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Get out those Cowboy hats and boots - we are moving to Texas! Emily and I have always wanted to live in another country, so when this opportunity came along, we could not pass it up. We are moving to Dallas, Texas for the summer, because I will be working at Boston Consulting Group. The internship begins on June 13 and ends on August 19! Yee-haw!