Wednesday, February 24, 2010


LION KING! Talk about an amazing production! The costumes and acting were incredible. We have never seen anything like it - absolutely stunning!! And of course - after wards, we had to stop by Junior's for some amazing Cheesecake! Yummmm!

In the Heights

This was a great show - about Morningside Heights in upper Manhattan. It was an inspirational story about the American Dream and how difficult life can be in the inner city for immigrants. I think the main take-away message is the unity and friendships that forged in a poor Manhattan neighborhood. I enjoyed it much more than Em did, but probably because I lived there 4 years ago.

So - Republicans beware. Do not attend this show! It will show the true hardships of inner-city life and will reveal true needs by Americans and uncover the many errors in our current economic system. The trickle-down economic theory and pro-big business mentality should not be mingled with this feel-good story of the American Dream. You have been warned.